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Employee Spotlight: Happy Birthday, Bree!

Today, we would like to highlight our CGS employee, Bree Daniels, on her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bree!

Get to know more about Bree and her time at Compass below:

1. When did you join the Compass Government Solutions team?

I joined the CGS team in May 2021 as our Company Operations & Compliance Manager.

2. What’s your relationship like with the rest of the team?

Since we’re a startup, we’re still a small group. With us being small, it has been a great way to get to know the wonderful women that make up CGS. While the rest of my team have worked together for years in the past, I’m the newest to join such a close-knit group. I may be new, but I feel very included, and I've already gained a deeper understanding of government contracting thanks to them.

3. How has your career grown since you started with Compass?

I've not only gained knowledge in government contracting and its processes, but I've been able to learn new skills. I have more experience in working on websites such as editing, tracking website analytics, and learning what people look for when heading to one's site. I also have social media experience now through our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I've been able to continue to boost already existing skills as well, such as running payroll, handling HR items, and understanding federal, state, and company compliance measures.

4. What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m a big fan of renaissance festivals. I love fairies and elves so the “garb” (costume) I wear usually revolves around mythical creatures. They are also looks that I put together myself!

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