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Compass Government Solutions is 2 Months Old!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Compass Government Solutions (CGS) is almost 2 months old! We are still brand new and fresh with a lot of hunger and curiosity! Although CGS is a new business, we are not new to the business of government contracting and bring a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Our name is a descriptor of who we support. However, Compass Government Solutions goes beyond the government client as we are in the business of supporting active-duty military, veterans, and other types of individuals who work hard to make our lives better. In turn, we try to help them be successful in their mission, stay healthy, heal, and prosper. Everyday our team learns something new and valuable to apply to our knowledge library so that we can become better stewards in the work we do. We have pride in ourselves to operate with integrity and to provide the best services possible. We thrive and promote relationships with our clients, teaming partners, and employees.

As the CEO, I have been asked what’s our “Why”? It’s very easy as collectively we enjoy helping others succeed in their mission – from our clients to our partners, the people who benefit from our services, and the employees who work for Compass that get it all done. It’s very gratifying to see others prosper because we were able to help them get there. So, with that I must thank all those who have helped us get to where we are. Your coaching, cheerleading, advice, and support are all so appreciated! I look forward to each subsequent week and month that we are in business. This work makes my heart sing!

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